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Information Engineering – an IT ‘religion’ for the 1980s ?

February 24, 2013

Information Engineering – was it an IT ‘religion’ in the 1980s ?

Read and ‘like’ my review of Information Engineering here:


                         James Martin – the “$150m Methodology Man”

From → Agile Governance

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  1. We do have to remember that looking back the past always looks better and worse. Many of the processes martin presented are still applicable today in specific domains. What many if not most agilest have failed to realize is the “agile” point of view and all the benefits that result have specific domains and contexts within those domains.

    Allowing emergent and divergent software to drive the project for manned space flight avionics, emergency shutdown petrochemical systems, telco switching systems and the like will not result in success. Firm, top down specification of system behaviour – a build to spec is the basis of all mission critical safety systems.

    So all that has happened is Martin’s work was not as general as was thought. Other methods have come to address different domains. His basis for work was in the telecommunications system – “The Wired Society” was the first book and still on my shelf.

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