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Sweeping new EU law on Virtual ID Cards draws nearer to ratification…

May 31, 2013

The European Commission have succeeded in sneaking a new draft law on mandation of Virtual ID Cards past Danish MEP, Jens Rohde.

Libertarian Jens Rohde doesn’t see problems in allowing the EC to enforce new Virtual ID Card law

Jens Rohde’s party believes in “less government interference in corporate and individual matters”, but a new draft law was approved by the EU Committee on Civil Liberties whilst Rohde was acting as a substitute chair.

At a meeting on the 29th May Rohde explained:

“This proposal for a regulation aims at establishing a mutual recognition of notified electronic  identification schemes … (it) expands the legal framework.  (I) agree with the choice of a regulation (by EU law) rather than a directive (derogated to National level).”

The new legislation will make it compulsory for each national government to accept any Virtual IDs approved by other EU Member states. It will also give the EC unprecedented powers to police and enforce the new law directly. eSignatures used in transactions between individuals and private corporations will also be subject to direct regulation by the EC bureaucracy.

The text of the law is expected to run through the committee stages in July and be laid before the EU Parliament in December.

Gerard Batten, UKIP MEP for London is the only British member of the Committee, but was unavailable for comment at the time of blogging.

The 24 page EU Committee on Civil Liberties report focusses instead on the minutiae of data protection and misses the big picture entirely. You can read it here:

LIBE Approval 2013-05-13

For more see also:

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