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Universal Credit £425m write-off on the cards as Treasury freezes roll-out…

September 4, 2013

Universal Credit £425m write-off on the cards as Treasury freezes roll-out – read more here:




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  1. Jackie Gagne permalink

    Brian, what do you think will be the next steps to this? My understanding is that this isn’t frozen, but ‘re-scoped’ and that some IT elements will be kept with the programme refocusing on a true business change agenda.

    • Jackie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I was referring to this on page 18 of the full (60 page) report:

      “The Department is reviewing its plans for Universal Credit. It will not have approval
      for further spending until after November 2013 when it asks HM Treasury to approve a
      new business case.”

      It is a complicated and long report, but well worth reading several times. It is highly unusual for the NAO to be so critical at such an ‘early’ stage of a Programme, however, the Programme started 3 years ago and has spent more than £425m so I would hardly say it was at an early stage!


  2. Jackie Gagne permalink


    Thanks for this. I have begun to read it – and expect it will take a few reads! I am concerned that the NAO considers it at an ‘early stage’ and that it has taken them/government 3 years to demand a new business case. Having said that, I believe their stepping in at this ‘early stage’ to be a positive thing – that some lessons have been learned from previous large, failed IT programmes (NHS and Fire Control come to mind). I have never known a large programme to be interrupted in such a manner.

    Has the remit of the NAO changed as a result of this programme – do you think that they will intervene more often during a major programme, say at key gateway stages?

    I look forward to seeing how they approach the programme in November…. and how they approach other programmes in the future!


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