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Universal Credit ‘Agile’ claims Lord Freud

June 26, 2014


The troubled Universal Credit project end-state build (v3.0 as it were) was described by Lord Freud as:

…thoroughly under way and is in agile (sic). The first Warrington programme was trying to be agile, which I think is the best way; this end-state solution—the fully digital one, the interactive digital one—is being done on an agile basis.

Lord Freud was answering questions in the Lords last week, and the speech was not noted in the Mainstream Media.  But he also revealed:

“What happened, as noble Lords will remember, is that Ministers, the Secretary of State in particular, took a decision that the programme was not going properly and took a view to stop it and reorganise it reset it. It is not a new category (My note: it is actually) – it is a description of a process. If one is in charge of a programme, rather than blundering on with it regardless.”

The transcript is hidden away in Hansard and difficult to find.  I had to resort to Google’s cache to retrieve it.   But for your convenience, dear readers, here it is:

Hansard – Lords – 2014-06-18 8pm Universal Credit

We await Treasury’s (late) approval of the reset business case and also DWP’s annual accounts (remember that I noticed that they were late last year?).

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  1. Jackie Gagne permalink

    I think it rather ironic that the ‘lateness’ of critical governance documentation is in the same article as in the ‘agility’ element of the programme. Are they, can they, be clear as to WHAT is Agile as oppose to what is Iterative? There is a very key difference here. I am very keen to see the business case, but it is not likely to be published in its full format. At the least we should (we meaning the public) should see the new / revised business plan and how they intend to manage the Agile (oops excuse me, Iterative) elements of the programme. A few thoughts to ponder…..

  2. Jackie Gagne permalink

    DWP ’13-14 Accounts JUST published but dated 23 June. Interestingly:
    “The Department acknowledges that a number of the actions designed to improve programme management, both through the existing IT functionality and the development of the digital end-state solution, and to support the revised and reconstituted governance arrangements, are on-going and their operational effectiveness is still to be proven.”

    Considering that this has been an issue for sometime, it is rather frustrating that there is STILL NO evidence of improvement.

    As well:

    “It is clear that the Department still has much to do to address all the concerns raised and to ensure it delivers value for money in its implementation of the Universal Credit programme. The Department is continuing to spend significant sums in developing the programme, as it both maintains and enhances the existing IT functionality, while simultaneously designing a new digital end-state to replace it. The Department will need to exert rigorous control over this expenditure, and ensure it uses the available funding effectively and does not need to impair further assets.”

    Again, time is against them – and the millions yet to be agreed by the Treasury this year will likely (in my opinion) is likely to be watched like a hawk by PAC. Considering the life/depreciated of the assets they are ‘re-using’ is for 5 years, it is possible that the true ROI on this will be zero – or even worse. As well, the political fall-out of the next election will speak volumes and I predict a right-off of the whole thing.

    It is good to see the NAO will be reviewing this again this autumn….I expect fireworks (5 November anyone?).

  3. Official report usually takes a few days to show up in Google’s results. Online transcript of the debate is here:

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    From: brianwernham Reply-To: brianwernham Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 4:44 AM To: Glen Alleman Subject: [New post] Universal Credit ŒAgile¹ claims Lord Freud Brian Wernham posted: ” The troubled Universal Credit project end-state build (v3.0 as it were) was described by Lord Freud as: “…thoroughly under way and is in agile (sic). The first Warrington programme was trying to be agile, which I think is the best way; this end-st”

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