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Sack all the bosses? – Holacracy and Scrum – 5 presenters in 23 minutes

September 1, 2014

Holacracy and Scrum – a match made in Agile heaven?

“Here are the video highlights from ‘Sprint 4’ in the APM GovSIG development series of meetings I am leading to develop a (slim) guide on ‘Agile Governance’ for 2015. Other videos from the meeting will be made available on this YouTube channel from September 8, 2014. Subscribe here.”
Brian Wernham, Deputy Chair APM GovSIG

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Video highlights from August APM ‘Agile Governance’ meeting
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Quotes from the video:

“The irony of most implementations of Scrum or any Agile method is that they themselves are not very Agile – that there is no easy systemised way to change the way we do Agile development. So Holacracy is a kind of a ‘meta-layer’ there that isn’t provided by an Agile method. And that is what Holacracy does – it is not telling you how to run your development team, that is not its job, it’s helping you figure out how to run your team and how to evolve to your local context.”
Brian Robertson, inventor of Holacracy, co-founder of HolacracyOne LLC

 “We are looking to scale Agile now out of the I.T. department into the far reaches of the organisation. So how do we take that successful two year project and how do we now apply it to legal, procurement, marketing and other areas?”
Andrew Radcliffe, Head of Development, Ordnance Survey, Host venue for the evening

“In these video highlights you can watch Fiona Hayes interview the founder and inventor of Holacracy, Brian Robertson. You will then hear some key questions that the workshop groups asked expert Fiona Hayes about how Holacracy, Scrum, Agile and Project Management might fit together.”
Brian Wernham, Deputy Chair APM GovSIG

“Holacracy enables a distributive authority throughout the organisation where decisions were made at an appropriate level. The Board is the ‘radar on the ship’ sensing what is going on in the world, and setting the strategic direction”
Fiona Hayes, Culture Wizard, Orion Initiatives

Is the role of a ‘Rep Link’ in a sub-circle the same as a Scrum Master role? How does a larger Circle audit other circles – especially thinking of regulated industries?
Brian Wernham, Deputy Chair APM GovSIG

“The role of the ‘Lead Link’ in a larger Circle and how he/she interacts with the ‘Rep Link’ in a sub-Circle – does having these roles assigned to individuals create the possibility of a single point of failure?”
Matt Turner, Project Manager, Ordnance Survey


Other videos from the meeting will be made available on this YouTube channel from September 8, 2014. Subscribe here.

We extend our thanks to Ordnance Survey for hosting this APM GovSIG event. As usual, this does not imply any endorsement of any views expressed in the videos by Ordnance Survey, APM or GovSIG. All those featured in these videos gave their express consent prior to being filmed.


Attributed to presenters 2014 CC BY-NC-ND


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