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I believe that Twitter should take threats to women seriously. If you agree, then sign the petition at…

July 27, 2013

“I think that it is a great thing that Jane Austin will grace the new £10 notes.  But even if you do not agree, threatening someone online with violence is unacceptable – and Twitter need to get a grip on the trolls that ganged up on Caroline Criado-Perez who had campaigned for the new £10 note design.”
Brian Wernham FAPM

Sign the petition by clicking here:


I am joining Caroline Criado-Perez’s boycott of Twitter on August the 4th unless they take this type of abuse seriously and add an easy to use ‘Report Abuse’ button.

Please do pass this message on by Facebook and, of course (no irony intended) by Tweeting…


Update at 11:06, July 28: Just twelve hours after this blog was published: 21,366 have signed the petition…

Update at 23:22, July 28: 24 hours after this blog was published: a man has been arrested in Manchester.  50,242 have now signed the petition. More arrests expected shortly…

Update at 23:30, August 3: As the petition soars past 125,000 signatures, just a few hours before the Twitter embargo is about to start, and two men have been arrested, the head of Twitter UK caves in: he apologises, promises to increase his staff responding to abuse complaints and pledges to create a ‘Report Abuse’ button to quickly and easily allow users to refer offensive remarks for moderation.  Hurrah!

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